Fruit of the Spirit

I am thinking of founding the Worldwide Satsuma Society!! On Sunday 22nd April 14 miles into the London Marathon I had to stop and was terribly sick (an intolerance to energy gels!).  Despair threatened to overwhelm me, my marathon dream was in tatters and I was sobbing because the finish line seemed so far away. I trudged on for a bit and after a mile or so a lady in the crowd offered me a satsuma.  It gave me a massive surge of energy and belief that it was still possible to overcome the pain and exhaustion and make it to the end. I even managed to start running again! Hope was reborn and the dream was back on.
For me, a satsuma will forever be a symbol of kindness - a small act of generosity, a simple word of encouragement from a lady I will never meet again and who will never know what she did for me.

Kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit. One of the less glamorous ones, perhaps, and one that we can easily overlook.  Yet it is one we can share with friends and strangers every day of our lives in hundreds of different ways. 
Sometimes the world’s problems seem so huge and we feel so small but we can make a difference, we really can..So give someone a satsuma today and turn our grey world a spirit-filled orange!!!!

Rev Lynne Chitty Mill House Retreats.