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We rehearse every month and sing anthems at team services, which take place six or so times a year – mainly when there's a fifth Sunday in the month. The idea is to give an opportunity of choral singing to people who don't have a choir at their churches or, for those who do sing in their church choir, the chance to join a larger ensemble, where all the parts are represented.

We sing all types of church music and enjoy coming together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Many of the anthems we sing are taken from the New Oxford Easy Anthem Book but we are building up a library of printed sheet music. 

We rehearse at Burlescombe, Sampford Peverell and Holcombe Rogus churches (in rotation) from 7 till 8 on the fourth Tuesday evening of the month and, when there's a fifth Sunday, on a further Tuesday at the church where the team service will be.

Everyone is welcome to join the choir. You don't have to read music. Enjoyment is a key element and enthusiasm is more important than a perfect singing voice.  But, together, we do sound good!  

Team Choir Practices 2018


23rd January:           Burlescombe

20th February:         Sampford Peverell

20th March:              Holcombe Rogus

25th March:              Palm Sunday Team Service at Uplowman

29th March               Maundy Thursday Team Service at Sampford Peverell


17th April:                 Burlescombe

24th April:                 Holcombe Rogus

29th April                   Team Service at Holcombe Rogus


22nd May:                 Sampford Peverell

19th June:                  Holcombe Rogus

17th July:                   Sampford Peverell

24th July:                   Burlescombe

29th July                    Team Service at Burlescombe


18th September:     Holcombe Rogus

25th September:     Halberton

30th September       Team Service at Halberton


23rd October:           Sampford Peverell

28th October            Remembering Service (Team) Hockworthy


20th November:      Burlescombe

30th December        Team Service at Hockworthy

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